Projects for 2016 year – boiler plants, heat and gas supply networks, water supply

Brief projects outline
In the course of its activity the Institute has gained extensive design work experience in construction of engineering infrastructure networks and power facilities at a wide range of locations.
Design documentation developed by the specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute became the basis for construction and reconstruction of many facilities in the Russian Federation among which motorways, mainline and distribution gas and oil pipelines in the Central, North-West, Southern, Volga regions; heating networks, communications and telephony, power networks as well as water supply and sewerage networks of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad's area.
Our company designing the systems of electrochemical protection of underground utilities has provided protection of many tens of kilometers of underground utilities.
On the basis of drawn-up and approved by industrial safety expert review documentation on liquidation and preservation of hazardous production facilities hundreds of technical devices were decommissioned and excluded from the register.

Projects 2015

Projects 2014

To summarize 2014, we can say that the direction vector of our activities and assigned work priorities selected by the company in 2012 are completely justified. 61 agreements and state contracts were signed with contractors by the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute. Among our new partners are such large organizations as OJSC ALROSA-Gaz and FSBI Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named after B. P. Konstantinov. Almost the third part of the signed agreements is state contracts. This is a measure of complex execution of works by the specialists of our Institute, our competitive power and confidence placed to us on the part of the state organizations and institutes. And numerous favourable conclusions of the expertise of design and estimate documentation are the evidence of our qualification.

Projects 2013

75 new projects of state and investment financing are the result of the activities of our company for 2013. 2013 shows that the decisions made by us in the previous years and analysis of the Institute development prospects are true. Following this policy, we obtained new possibilities on the market of the design works and showed ourselves to good advantage both among private customers and in the district authorities of the Leningrad and Moscow Regions.

Projects 2012

For the Design Institute, 2012 is the year of discovery and deployment of new trends – out company has been authorized for work package on engineering surveys (topographical, geological engineering, engineering-ecological surveys, etc.) and also our Institute has been awarded the certificates of conformity of the ISO 9001-2008 quality management at development of design documentation and survey works.
A separate group of specialists on road engineering has been formed, by virtue of which the solution on new construction and reconstruction of motor roads in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region and Naro-Fominsk are implemented.
In 2012 the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute concluded 90 investment contracts and state contracts and in this connection the works are performed.

Projects 2011

In 2011 our company implemented 60 large projects in different regions of Russia. Our main customers were legal entities and enterprises of JSC INTER RAO UES. New direction on survey, calculation and installation of hanger-support pipeline system was launched in the Design Institute.

Projects 2010

In the year 2010 the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute has entered into and is performing works under 58 agreements and contracts. In most cases, the projects are owned by investment and developer companies. The Institute has also broadened the geography of its activities, working at facilities in Western Siberia.

Projects 2009

In the year 2009 the Institute specialists completed design works under 34 private commercial and federal contracts. Almost all design project documentation received the necessary approvals in expert and sanctioning organizations and was passed on to be applied for construction and installation works. Company employees built 3 heat power facilities completing full work cycle from design and survey works to commissioning.

Projects 2008

Within the period from June till December 2008 the company implemented 19 package design contracts.
Main assignment – design of linear facilities during modernization of motor roads, design of electrochemical protection installations for underground pipelines.