Design of utilities

Design of utilities Design of utilities both external and internal is an integral part of the whole package of design works on construction of a new facility or reconstruction of an existing one.

Taking into account of many difficulties from existing position of the utilities and quantity of underground utilities, presence of vegetation, high level of ground water, a lot of approvals by owners and regulatory authorities to occurrence of administrative hurdles, this work equals to and even exceeds architectural and engineering part.

There is a comparison of the utilities with a human body with its arteries, veins and capillaries. In our situation the arteries are main communications, and veins and capillaries are distribution networks.

Design of utilities Design of utilities is an integral part of construction of buildings and facilities. Design in the Russian Federation is carried out according to the state standards and codes of design.

As a rule, to take into account all factors (social, economic and technical) during construction, reconstruction, technical upgrade and refurbishing of the facility the design documentation is developed for several stages:
1. Draft design stage
1. Design documentation stage
1. Working documentation stage

Draft design is a preliminary stage of design. This stage is formally not subject to approval by the state supervisory authorities, but it is also important. A draft design is carried out for the purpose of:

  • Town planning verification of a new facility
  • Presentation of building facades and architectural planning
  • Determination of investment appeal of the project
  • Determination of possibility itself of new construction or reconstruction of a facility at this site taking into account environmental, social, economic and town-planning requirements.

Technical documentation at the Draft design stage is also developed to get the initial permit documentation. It includes the following:

  1. Key plan with adjacent territories
  2. Plot plan
  3. Transport scheme
  4. Floor plans with room-by-room schedule
  5. Building facades and sections
  6. Photographic compilation in existing position
  7. 3D-imaging of facility (if necessary)

Design of utilities The Design documentation stage is documentation containing text and graphic materials and determining architectural, functional and process, structural and engineering solutions to provide construction and reconstruction of capital structures.

It is developed in strict adherence to applicable standards and codes.

This documentation is subject to approval by the state or private supervisory authorities depending on source of financing of a design object (budgetary funds or private investments).

Composition of the design documentation sections is stated in the Russian Federation Government decree No. 87 dated 16.02.2008. Regulation on Composition of Design Documentation Sections and Requirements to Their Contents.

Technical documentation of a linear facility at the Design documentation stage for external and internal utilities includes the following:

  • Section 1. Explanatory note;
  • Section 2. Design of right of way
  • Section 3. Process and structural solutions of linear facility. Engineering structures
  • Section 4. Buildings, structures and facilities included into linear facility infrastructure
  • Section 5. Construction organization plan
  • Section 6. Plan for organization of works on demolition (dismantling) of linear facility
  • Section 7. Environmental measures
  • Section 8. Fire safety measures
  • Section 9. Construction estimate
  • Section 10. Other documentation in the cases stipulated by the federal laws

The documentation at the Design documentation stage is the basis for development of the following stage Working documentation.

Design of utilities The Working documentation stage is a set of text and graphic documents providing implementation of the technical solutions of capital structure accepted in the approved design documentation required for construction and installation, provision with construction equipment, items and materials.

The working documentation includes the basic packages of working drawings, specifications of equipment, items and materials, estimates, other attached documents, developed in addition to working drawings of the main package.

Composition, execution and contents of the working documentation is determined by the requirements of the set of GOST and SPDS documents and can be specified in the design assignment by the Customer.

On the basis of technical solutions in particular developed at the Working documentation stage construction of buildings and installation of utilities is carried out.

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Design of utilities Design of utilities Design of utilities Design of utilities Design of utilities