Environment protection

Защита и охрана окружающей среды Environment protection is a set of technical measures aimed to rational use, restoration and conservation of natural resources in the interest of people.

Technical documentation developed by the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of ecological safety which ensures security of natural environment and human vital interests from possible negative effect of business and other activities, natural and man-made emergency situations and their consequences.

The Design Institute carries out the following:

  • Development and technical support of documentation
  • Project of standards of maximum permissible pollutant emissions into the atmosphere (MPE)
  • Project for validation of sizes and organization of sanitary protection zone (SPZ)
  • Waste Generation and Disposal Limits Project
  • Project of permissible pollution discharge (PPD)
  • Project of maximum permissible discharge into water bodies (MPD)
  • Special sections of design documentation – «Environment protection» and «Environment impact assessment procedure»
  • Process procedure for construction waste management
  • Dangerous waste certificate drawing-up

Variety of the services provided by our company in the sphere of environment protection, including engineering surveys *, allows the customers of Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC to obtain a set of high quality services required for the state expert review of the design documentation.

* Engineering and environmental survey includes the following works with execution of expert reports as per the survey results:

As to soil (layer-by-layer):
  • Geochemical survey
  • Microbiological study
  • Parasitologic study
  • Toxicity study
As per radiology:
  • Gamma survey of territory
  • Radon flux density from soil
As per physical factors:
  • Noise measurement
  • Vibration measurement
  • Electromagnetic emission measurement

The engineering and environmental survey is a measure of assessment of initial condition of natural zones and possible environmental consequences related to commissioning of a facility under construction.

Our company develops the environmental measures together with the leading ecological companies of Russia and West Europe and contributes to preservation of normal human habitability conditions.

Project for environment protection against pollution

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