Engineering surveys in Saint-Petersburg

инженерные изыскания - геодезические, геологические, экологические
There are geodetic, geological and ecological engineering surveys.
Engineering surveys are one of the most important types of construction activity, any process of construction and operation of facilities starts from this stage.

Engineering surveys (geodetic, geological and ecological) are the works carried out for complex research of natural environment of a district (site, section, route) of construction under design and obtaining the required and adequate materials for development economically feasible and technically sound solutions during design and construction of facilities.

Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute starting from 2012 carries out independent engineering surveys of design objects. The main purpose of these works for our company is to provide our partner with a range of works performed on the «turnkey» basis at project implementation of industrial and civil construction as well as ensuring operational efficiency of these works.

Engineering surveys consider preservation of the environment and prevention or minimization of that damage which can be caused by surveys themselves and their consequences.

Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute, LLC carries out a complex of technical surveys which includes investigation of topographical, geological and ecological conditions of a construction area as well as organization of necessary approvals.

Types of engineering surveys – geology, geodesy and ecology.

инженерные изыскания - геодезические, геологические, экологические
There are geodetic, geological and ecological engineering surveys.
Engineering-geodetic surveys are works carried out to obtain topographic-geodesic materials and data on situation and relief of the terrain, existing buildings and facilities (surface and underground) and other planning elements (in digital, graphic, photographic and other forms), required for complex evaluation of natural environment and industrial conditions of the construction site and justification of object design.

Engineering-ecological surveys allow to carry on investigation with respect to enabling environment and environment for living and business activities.

Engineering-geological surveys are works aimed to study soil and soil body properties used as facilities foundations, environment for underground facilities, as well as to evaluate stability of natural and man-made soil bodies and slopes.

Three periods are distinguished during survey works: preparatory, field and office. The required data on a facility are collected and studied then the assignment submitted to the survey party is specified during the preparatory period. Geodetic, topographical, drilling and other operations are carried out during the field period. The office period consists in systematization of field materials, drawing up the topographical map, geological sections, hydrological characteristics of area and construction site.

As per the experience of the works executed the specialists of the Design Institute note that a special nature due to extensive area under investigation is peculiar for engineering surveys at design of road objects, for laying oil and gas pipelines, heat supply networks, communication lines and power lines (so-called route surveys).

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